Each Wednesday At 8pm 
The Back Room 175a Hallgate Cottingham HU16 4BB
 Tel Andy 07765034081 
 1985 To 2022 = 37 Years Of Live Music 
Friday 22nd - Monday 25th May 2020 (Spring Bank Holiday Weekend) 
We have a jam-packed weekend waiting for you.  
There will be concerts which will be streamed videos 
(mostly made specially for us in lockdown by a plethora of amazing artists and 
also including videos of some of our fabulous guests from 2019),  
displays of morris and mummers, live and recorded workshops,  
dancing, Zoom chance to meet the artists and more.  
Artists taking part include:  
Belshazzar’s Feast • Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer  
Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne • Paul Sartin • Paul Hutchinson  
Reg Meuross • Alden & Patterson • Blackbeard's Tea Party  
Virginia Kettle & the Dreamkeepers • Kimber’s Men  
Damien and the O-Men • Pilgrims Way • Les Barker  
Greg Russell • Phoebe Rees • Winter Wilson  
Ninebarrow • The Askew Sisters • Steve Turner  
The Waite Collective • Full House • The Time Bandits  
Ben Robertson • Fiddlestone • Kate McCullough  
A Band On Ship • Dave Ellis & Boo Howard  
Moira Craig • Close Quarters • John Warburton  
Welcomme, Finnan & Chrimes • Run for Cover • Maranella  
Bill Malkin • Will Riding • Fluff Smith • Tom Hughes  
An Croenen • Mark Dowding • Andy Connally • Mel Barrett  
Graham Bellinger • Martyn Harvey • Dave Vaughan  
Rondez-vous • Chris & Debbie Lee • The Youth Room  
Chester City Morris Men • Bradshaw Mummers  
All events are free of charge. However, we would be grateful if you would donate if are you 
in a position to do so. Funds will be allocated to support artists who have been impacted,  
to an NHS charity (minimum of 30% of donations) and to assist Chester Folk Festival  
in running future events (maximum of 20% of donations). 
More information available on the Chester Folk Festival Online website  
or follow us on Facebook & Twitter (@ChesterFolkFest)
A large selection of full concerts at this fantastic folk festival