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Uke Cannot Be Serious!



Every month an intrepid group of ukulele enthusiasts, namely

‘Uke Cannot Be Serious!’
take to the stage and perform 3 numbers at Cottingham Live.


The group is intended to encourage people who are not familiar with performing in public to do so.

Having said that it is open to anyone who fancies joining us.

There are usually a couple of easy songs, and I try to include a song which stretches our abilities a little, otherwise we just stand still.
The advice is, if you can’t master the chord, play something similar and sing LOUD!

We don’t have a chance to rehearse together, but you usually have a month to practice at home.

We don’t expect perfection, just application.

If you have any questions, I attend most weeks and am happy to help.

So, if you fancy joining us, you are assured a warm welcome, and you may find yourself on the way to a glittering new career as a Ukulele star!


Dave Kay


27th Sept Singers And Musicians night + Uke Cannot Be Serious £2.00

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18th Oct Singers And Musicians night  + Uke Cannot Be Serious £2.00

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